Oakland, Calif., May 2, 2022 – California BanCorp (the “Company”) (Nasdaq: CALB), the parent company of California Bank of Commerce (the “Bank”), today announced that Thomas A. Sa has been appointed President of the Company and the Bank, effective immediately. Mr. Sa will continue in his roles as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Company and the Bank. Steven E. Shelton, who previously held the position of President of the Company and the Bank, will remain as Chief Executive Officer of the Company and the Bank.

“The separation of the President and CEO roles reflects the growth of the Company and the management structure we believe is best suited to continue effectively executing on the strategies that are enhancing the value of our franchise,” said Steven E. Shelton, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. “The elevation of Tom to President reflects the significant role he has played in building our franchise and the valuable skills and experience he brings to the organization. As President, Tom will have an even greater opportunity to make a positive impact across all areas of the organization, including overseeing the development of new business lines that we believe will provide additional catalysts for our future growth while further diversifying our business mix.”

“I am extremely proud of the organization we have built and the work we have done to create one of the fastest growing commercial banks in Northern California,” said Thomas A. Sa. “As President, I look forward to continuing to work closely with Steve Shelton and the Board of Directors to continue executing on our strategic plan and making a positive impact on all of our stakeholders.”

About Thomas A. Sa
Thomas A. Sa has served as Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Company and the Bank since May 2019. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Sa was an Executive Vice President of Western Alliance Bancorp from 2015 to 2019, most recently serving as Chief Risk Officer from November 2017 to May 2019. Prior to that, Mr. Sa held various executive roles including Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer of Bridge Bank, N.A. and its holding company, Bridge Capital Holdings from inception in 2001 to its merger with Western Alliance Bancorp in 2015. He was a director of Bridge Bank and Bridge Capital Holdings from 2010 to 2015.

About California BanCorp
California BanCorp, the parent company for California Bank of Commerce, offers a broad range of commercial banking services to closely held businesses and professionals located throughout Northern California. The Company’s common stock trades on the Nasdaq Global Select marketplace under the symbol CALB. For more information on California BanCorp, call us at (510) 457-3751, or visit us at www.californiabankofcommerce.com.

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