Commercial Banking

As The Premier Business Bank, we offer an array of commercial financing solutions designed to maximize the performance and value of your most important asset – your company. With decades of experience behind us, we have the depth and resources to provide customized financing solutions which help drive profits and maximize cash flow. Our objective is to build long-term relationships with clients, thus allowing us to bridge the gap from ordinary to extraordinary.

At California Bank of Commerce, financing is not just your business – it’s our business. Clients tell us that we ask a lot of questions – we take that as a compliment. By taking the time to gain a detailed understanding of the unique characteristics and aspects of your business, we are better prepared to provide the resources that your business needs, now and in the future.


Your business has a unique trade cycle. Whether impacted by business seasonality, customer concentrations, sales to foreign customers, extended dating or payment terms, or letters of credit issuance, we have the expertise and flexibility to structure lines of credit that address and incorporate these unique elements.


The capital equipment maintenance, upgrade, or replacement cycle is impacted by the age and usability of existing equipment as well as obsolescence and changes in technology. Based on your CapEx budget, we can structure term financing arrangements with both draw-down and amortizing components to fund the purchase or refinance of equipment & machinery, rolling stock and tenant/facility improvements or upgrades.


Whether it is financing a merger or acquisition or transitioning ownership to the next generation, you need help understanding your options. We can explain the nuances of financing an acquisition from cash flow and collateral coverage to the impact of goodwill on balance sheet leverage.

When it comes to financing commercial real estate, you need a team of experienced, forward-thinking bankers who have a pulse on market trends, valuations, and cap rates. We take a common-sense approach to lending which – when combined with our specialized market intelligence – results in tailored, cost-effective financing solutions.


Owning versus leasing commercial real estate can afford a business more flexibility and control. A critical consideration in this process is determining a loan structure that is aligned with the cash flows and long-term strategic plan of the business. Whether you are seeking to purchase or refinance real estate, California Bank of Commerce can provide financing options, including a conventional or SBA loan structure.


We offer a variety of variable or fixed interest rate options and flexible terms. Property types include office, retail, industrial, multi-family, and mixed use.


These flexible credit arrangements, secured by collateral positions on income-producing real estate properties, can unleash the equity in your property to be used for alternative investment opportunities or short-term cash needs.


Designed for the construction of owner-occupied or investment properties such as office, retail, industrial, multi-family, or mixed use.




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