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Deposit and Disbursement Accounts

Deposit Products

Even a business checking account must fit your unique needs. That's why California Bank of Commerce offers a range of feature rich checking accounts. Whether you have an established entrepreneurial company, a mid-sized business, or a larger privately-held company, we have the right checking account to meet your needs.

Analyzed Business Checking

This checking account is ideal for businesses that maintain higher cash balances and seek to maximize their earnings. Balances maintained in your Analyzed Business Checking account generate a monthly earnings credit which can be used to offset some or all of your monthly service charges.

Non-Profit Organizations

California Bank of Commerce is proud to provide a checking account for non-profit organizations. This account has all of the same characteristics as the Business Interest Checking, but with no service charges.

Business Interest Checking

The Business Interest Checking Account is an interest-bearing checking account designed for sole proprietorships and non-profit organizations with less than 150 checks written and up to 200 checks presented for deposit each month.

Attorney Trust Accounts

The Attorney Trust Account is available to all attorneys and law firms who need an interest earning trust account, as required by law.

Enterprise Checking

The Enterprise Checking account provides small businesses with a comprehensive set of services with an affordable balance level.

Account and Wire Transfers

With our account transfer technology you can move money where you need it, when you need it. And, California Bank of Commerce provides secure and flexible Wire Transfer services to meet your cash presentment needs.

ACH Origination

California Bank of Commerce's ACH Origination product gives you the power to automate payments, bill your customers for recurring monthly charges, and pay your employees with direct deposit. ACH Origination is a flexible electronic service that empowers you to collect your money quickly, reduce float times, and simplify your billing, collections and payments systems.

Tax Deposits

Payroll tax processing is important to most businesses. California Bank of Commerce provides online tax payment services so that you can deposit payroll taxes and record and track your payments.